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To whom it may concern,

Having a good understanding of micro electronics and holding two electrical engineering degrees; I have studied and used this new product "Electralube".

It lubricates and conditions the mechanical electrical connection between the light bulb base and socket. The actual liquid lubricant (and electrical relay lubricant) in the lubricator foam preforms well as a lubricant and moisture displacement and helps prevent corrosion between the two metals making the connection.

I have used it in my own home and am happy with the results when "Per Conditioning" household, automotive bulbs & other electrical connections.

I would recommend this product for any electrical connection, and especially the new Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL).


Maximilian A. Kossick

This is a better value than the other Bulb & Socket Lube I ordered. It is a larger quantity for less total money when you include ship cost. I used it on around 200 light bulbs & did not use up much of lubricant in this container.

Thomas W. Blanck

I had problems getting some bulbs out of a fan light socket - one out I have used this product to assist with this in the future - after a couple of months the bulbs come out easy


This makes changing light bulbs so much easier, especially with high hats and recessed lighting. I bought a second one for my dad.

Daddyrab 525

Easy to apply and takes only a small quantity. Hopefully this will prevent the light bulbs from getting stuck in the socket. I bought it for the safety factor - afraid to use household lubricants with electricity.

M. F. Laterza

The package contains enough lub to last a long while and it is easy to put on the right amount.

J. Bynum

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