Non-Toxic Electralube Prevents Corrosion & Lubricates

electralube main 1 300x300 Non Toxic Electralube Prevents Corrosion & Lubricates

Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant

NEW Non-Toxic Electralube Lubricant!

Ingredients: Mineral Oil. (Thats it!)
The electralube lubricant is a non-toxic food grade mineral oil that is rendered during a specialized distilling process, creating the perfect consistency to lubricate mechanical devices used for food preparation, as well as all types of electrical connections to protect and prevent corrosion.

Prevents Corrosion & Lubricants Electrical Connections ~ Light Bulbs Benefit the Most!

Standard size container easily handles: regular light bulbs, fluorescent light bulb prongs, electrical plug prongs, household batteries, and other electrical connections for the homeowner. The larger size accommodates the flood lights, grow lights, street lights and other larger mogul based bulbs. Because Electralube lubricant prevents corrosion its a BREEZE when installing and removing light bulbs without breakage.

The container design is portable and fits in the palm of your hand. Simply twist your bulb or plug prongs into Electralube and place in the socket. The mineral-based, non-flash lubricant prevents corrosion by maintaining the long-term conductivity of electrical connections.

The Electralube container delivers easy lubrication to all types of electrical connections. Electralube comes in two (2) container sizes to meet the needs of the homeowner, as well as commercial and industrial use. The internal construction of the containers are made uniquely and specifically to allow for the different size bulbs, such as the Standard Light Bulb vs Mogul Base Bulbs. Fast and easy application container makes for quick work and helps to avoid the broken bulb nightmare all together.

A non toxic solution to the broken light bulb found on Amazon, just search for prevent corrosion lubricant or easier yet, click on Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant.